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  • How long does design request take?
    You will receive designs within 3-4 days once you've submitted your request. You can submit all design request included in your plan at one time if you'd like. Up to 5 designs can be worked on at a time and they will be delivered one by one.
  • Are there any restrictions on the types of design work that you do?
    If you’re looking for video editing longer than 5 secs, animations, CAD, 3D work, HTMLS, 3D/ CAD, UI/UX App Design, Coding & Development, full website development, programming then our service probably isn’t the right fit for you. Please contact us if you have any questions about what designs we can provide.
  • What happens after I sign up?
    You'll receive a welcome email from me almost immediately, giving you instructions on how to access your customer portal through Notion, a platform that will allow you to make design requests and keep track of progress.
  • What’s the advantage of working with you vs a freelancer ?
    With your subscription you have access to a team of designers, not just one designer. Our team of designers specialize in many design types from packaging to social media designs so you will always have a professional who is experienced and know exactly h=what you need and how your design should look to attract your market. Most freelancers are only experienced in 1 design type. You will also have a project manager who will make sure your designs are delivered on time and are quality designs that fit your brands image and goals. Having a team and your own project manager is a superpower!
  • Do you offer refunds?
    If design work has already started then we will not be able to offer a refund. You can cancel your subscription at anytime and any designs that were not worked on can be fully refunded.
  • Why is a subscription service better than ordering one graphic at a time from a freelance designer?
    Using a subscription service will help you hold yourself accountable with getting the content you need for your brand. Getting a constant flow of graphics for your business will maximize reach to your audience and scale your business fast.
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