You don’t just notice the trends, you decide what’s in style.

You’ve always had a knack for knowing what the next big thing will be, whether it was retro text or minimalism. You’re ahead of the crowd.  You are a trendsetter because you understand the rules, which means you know how to bend (or break) them. Clients tell you to take creative control and you work like magician turning a blank canvas in Photoshop or Canva into a masterpiece. 

“Don’t follow the crowd, let the crowd follow you.” 

- Margaret Thatcher 

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Born This Way

Being a leader comes naturally to you and has almost your entire life. You consider a trip to a museum the perfect date and you can scroll through Pinterest and Behance for hours. Never afraid to trust your instincts, you just do your thing and you do it well (hair toss)!. You’re an inspiration to brands and designers so get ready for others to imitate your style.  After all, they do say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so keep doing your thing because you have the secret sauce and you’re the only one with the recipe. You’ll always be 10 steps ahead.

Your Perfect Palette

You don’t necessarily gravitate to one color palette consistently, your concept of color is fluid, shifting as necessary to deliver the results that work best for the client. The beauty of being on top of all the trends is knowing what styles to pull from to offer your clients the very best work that will attract the eyes of their dream customers.  Whether you’re building a website or making social media graphics, you know the perfect way to design them all to evoke feelings and create a vibe.  Neons or pastels, your work is always blazing a trail and others are just trying to keep up.

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They Love You
They Really Love You!

Clients love working with you because they know they are getting designs and styles that are going to stand out.  You have the superpower of knowing what the client wants from a brief conversation because you are so versed in the styles of your industry.  There is no bigger compliment than someone saying you understood the assignment.


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"While you are designing brands, you can also design the life you want to live."


- Tiffani Alvaran

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